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‘Granny’ (Motorcycle Pt 1)

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Watch as I create an old school big bike without the aid of reference. This was a personal speed modelling challenge to make something that simply looked ‘cool’ and at just over 5 1/2hrs in total (all 4 parts) I am very pleased with the result of the model and of the personal challenge (normally something like this would take me weeks 🙂 )

I also wanted to show how you can create very realistic ‘paint’ type material shaders simply using blenders internal shaders and node editor – again the result of which pleased me greatly.

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Final Image:

My apologies for the lack of audio.  I am not yet setup to record (which will be fixed soon), so put on your favourite music, sit back and enjoy the show.

In this video you can see use of the node Editor to create unique material combinations, along with how I composited the final render together to produce the final image above. I also quickly play with some ‘Clamp’ values to show the effect this can have on the final render.